Links to Donald Simanek's articles from MAKE magazine.

These documents include larger pictures (for print publication) and may be slow to load. Some still have notes to the editor and the production crew of MAKE magazine.

Perpetual Motion, Reinventing the Square Wheel. Perpetual futility. (MAKE Vol 9. March 2007. p 70-74.)

The Chinese South Pointing Chariot. A clever use of differential gearing. (MAKE Vol 21. 2010, p. 160-162.)

Making Movies Three Dimensional. (Not published in MAKE.)

Making Movies Three Dimensional. (Slight revision. Not published in MAKE.)

Experiments With Polarized Light. (Not yet published.) What you can do with 3d glasses.

A Short Tutorial On Polarization. (Not yet published.)

The Penetrating Magnets Illusion. A kinetic illusion that uses physics in a sneaky way. (MAKE Vol 15. August 2008. p. 166-167.)

Putting A Spin On A Puzzle. A puzzle that uses knowledge of physics.

Golden Star Origami. 8 x 10 paper. (MAKE Vol 19. p, 164-165)

Golden Star Origami. 8.5 x 11 paper.

Friction, There's the Rub. The Oscillating Beam Machine. (Make, Vol. 11. Aug. 2007. p. 19-171.)

Martin Gardner's Mathemagic. Two card tricks. (MAKE Vol. 13. March 2008, p. 174-177.)

Interview with Martin Gardner. (MAKE Vol. 12. Nov 2007. p. 80-86.

The Mystery Of The Crowned Pulleys. (MAKE Vol. 22. April 2010. p. 158-160.)

Fooling Around With Pulleys. The Fool's Tackle. (MAKE Vol. 23. July 2010. p. 160-162.)

Things You Can't Make. (MAKE 30, April 2012, p. 152-154.)

The Slow Fall (MAKE Vol. 28, October 2011, p. 152-154.)

Screwy light. Experiments with polarization. (MAKE Vol 32. October 2012, p, 148-151.)

The contrary springs. (Not published.)