Laboratory plants never have a nice day. They never feel the sun or the rain or the wind. They never sink their roots into the earth. And many of them end their lives in a laboratory blender. This senseless brutality must be stopped!

The Plant Liberation Front demands an end to taxonomism, an end to discrimination on the basis of phyletic origin. We demand an extension of the Constitutional right of due process to all forms of life: No organism shall be deprived of life, liberty, or habitat without due process of law.


  • The University must end all experiments on plants immediately. All experimental plants must be transplanted to a suitable habitat and allowed to grow unmolested. All plant tissue cultures must be placed in an appropriate medium for differentiation, and the resulting plants transplanted to a suitable environment.

  • The University must end all lawn mowing and tree trimming. STOP THIS SENSELESS SAPSHED IMMEDIATELY! Its only function is to impose the esthetic values of Western human culture on plants by force.

  • The University must end cruelty to food plants. All food plants must be killed humanely. The brutality of salad bars must be ended - every day on this campus, innocent plants are being peeled alive, sliced alive, and put out to be eaten alive.

  • The University must ban phyletic slurs desensitiving humans to the rights of plants. We must not allow a human in a coma to be called a "vegetable". We must root out of the language references to "fruits" and "nuts", to "corny" humor and "the pits". Such terms demean both the plant majority and the human minorities they are directed against.

  • All University, corporate, military, and governmental bureaucracies and their associated paperwork must be immediately abolished; this will save the lives of countless millions of trees.

  • Plants must be liberated from human oppression, and from internal oppression. We demand an immediate end to apical dominance. We demand equality of genes, an end to the dominant/recessive relationship, and the immediate inactivation of all regulatory genes.

The Plant Liberation Front envisions a world in which all genes, all cells, and all organisms have the freedom to develop to their full potential, a world free from phyletic chauvanism. To bring this about, radical ethical, legal, and institutional reform is needed. But the change must begin in our daily lives.

If you love plants, don't eat them.

Source: Chemtech, July 1991.