Bibliography of books about hoaxes

Abel, Alan. _The Confessions of a Hoaxer_ Macmillan, 1970.

Blundell, Nigel. _The World's Greatest Crooks and Conmen_
Berkley, 1982, 1991.

MacDougall, Curtis D. _Hoaxes_, 1940, Dover 1958. The classic compendium.

Nash, Jay Robert. _Zanies, The World's Greatest Eccentrics_,
New Century, 1982.

Saunders, Richard. _The World's Greatest Hoaxes_ Playboy Press, 1980.
The Cruise of the Kawa, Hugh Troy, New Jersey Devil, Mrs. Katz, 
pants for pets, Beringer's stones, Klondike Ice Worms, John Partridge,
topless string quartet, moneys from heaven, Horace Cole and the 
_Dreadnought_ hoax, Mencken's Bathtub Hoax, spider farm, spectric poetry,
Johnny Chung, Larrovitch revival, Dan De Quille, Giants in the Earth,
Disumbrationist School of Art, Paul Kammerer, Moon hoax, Fritz Kreisler, 
Oznot, and many others.

Wallechinsky, David, and Irving Wallace. _The People's Almanac #2_,
Bantam, 1978. Section "Outrageous Hoaxes in History", p. 1243-1247.
Only two hoaxes: Mencken's Bathtub Hoax, Cardiff Giant, and 
Horace deVere Cole's "Dreadnought" hoax.
Tore Soerensen of Oslo, Norway, has kindly supplied a more extensive bibliography of hoaxes, which I include, unedited, below.

SIFAKIS, Carl: Hoaxes and Scams - A Compendium of Ruses and Swindles
(Michael O'Mara Books, UK, 1994)

STEIN, Gordon (ed.): Encyclopedia of Hoaxes
(Gale Research, US, 1993)

RANDI, James: An Encyclopedia of Claims, Frauds and Hoaxes of the Occult and
(St. Martin's Press, 1997)

STEIN, Gordon & MacNEE, Marie J. (Eds.): Hoaxes! Dupes, Dodges & Other
Dastardly Deceptions
(Visible Ink Press, 1995)

KOHN, Alexander: False Prophets - Fraud and Error in Science and Medicine
(Blackwell, UK, 1986)

ROBERTS, David: Great Exploration Hoaxes
(Sierra Club Books, San Francisco, 1982)

REDMOND, Jeffrey R.: Viking Hoaxes in North America
(Carlton, 1979)

NEWNHAM, Richard: The Guinness Book of Fakes, Frauds & Forgeries
(Guinness Publishing, UK, 1991)

MADISON, Joyce: Great Hoaxes, Swindles, Scandals, Cons, Stings and Scams
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RE/SEARCH # 11 (Journal): Pranks!
(Re/Search Publications, US, 1987)

ALDINGTON, Richard: Frauds
(William Heinemann Ltd, 1957)

YAPP, Nick: Great Hoaxes of the World & the Hoaxers Behind Them
(Robson, UK, 1995)

RENDELL, Kenneth W.: Forging History - The Detection of Fake Letters and
(University of Oklahoma Press 1994) 

RIETH, Adolf: Archaeological Fakes
(London, 1970)

WILLIAMS, Stephen: Fantastic Archaeology - The Wild Side of North American
(University of Pennsylvania, 1992)

Please help me extend this bibliography, for these hoaxes often appear in places not easy to track down. Send additions and corrections to the address shown at the right.