Bob Schadewald's Corner

About Bob Schadewald

Bob Schadewald (1943-2000) never had a web page of his own, though he designed web pages for others and used email and the internet extensively to supplement his extensive scholarly research into pseodosciences. He could spend a cordial afternoon with an alchemist one day, chat with the Maharishi's transcendental meditators the next day, then hurry off to a creationist conference, or an interview with a flat-earther or perpetual motion machine inventor. He generously consented to let me provide a web home for these documents, all of which are copyrighted. The NCSE web site document In Memory of Bob Schadewald briefly summarizes Bob's work and his many esoteric intersts.

Bob's sister, Lois, has edited a book collection of some of Bob's best published and unpublished work, titled Worlds of Their Own, a Brief History of Misguided Ideas. You can read more about this book at the Worlds of Their Own website. Here's a review

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