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Uncle Don's Notebook

Each of us needs a notebook in which to jot down those flashes of insight, one-liners, bad jokes, Nobel-prize-worthy ideas, and provocative tidbits and scraps read or heard. This is mine.

Entries are stacked in reverse order, with the most recent ones first, so readers won't have to wade through old ones to get to the new ones. Occasionally they will be collected and archived.

Uncle Don's Notebook Archives


Scraps from the Editor's Wastebasket (from The VECTOR)

Uncle Don's Notebook is the natural successor to my regular column Scraps From The Editor's Wastebasket which appeared in The Vector, published from 1976 to 1991. References in these may be dated, but the opinions are still revent to similar events going on even today. Just substitute contemporary newsmakers and people of your own acquaintance and you'll see that certain things never change.

  • No 20, Fall 1991 Oops! Going Metric. What's important? A Miracle (Oral Roberts). Literary Creativity.
  • No. 19, Dec 1989 Jargon. Mnemonics. Satanic Silliness. Before and After Thoughts.
  • No 18, late 1988 A Mandate. Pompous Circumstances. Complaints. List of published Vectors.
  • 8, 2, Sept 1987 Back Again! On the Road. Miracles Abound. Ghost Busters. Bloody Shame. Learn to Fly. Oral Roberts. The Jim and Tammy Show. Pompous Circumstances. The Tensor.
  • 8, 1, June 1986 Latest Vector. It's a Mircacle! He Can Act. Reagan on Scholarship. Sports. Constructive Criticism. Let's Aid the Homeless.
  • 7, 2, May 1983 Nothing's Done Right Anymore. What's in a Name? Splendiferous Extravagance. Faulty Tower, A Portent! Coaches Seek the Academically Disadvantaged, Social Graces, The Fallen Arch.
  • 7, 1, Jan 1983 The Late Vector. Our Secrets of Success. Our Principles. An Unappealing Pealing. A Victory. A Defeat. Cover Picture. Encouraging Words.
  • 3, 1, Dec 1978 Final Issue! Warning. A Modest Proposal (sports).
  • 2, 2, April 1978 Trivial Studies Lives!
  • 1, 2, April 1977 Update on Trivial Studies. Get the Point? Campus News and Notes.
  • 1, 1, Dec 1976 First issue. Creative Administrivia. Campus News. An Innovative Degree Proposal.
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