We're back!! This website was kicked off the Lock Haven University server April, 2023. I saw this website as an educational outreach of the university, but they saw it as a "personal" website. It is now up and running with a new URL, thanks to generous web hosting by Paolo Sirtoli. Some pictures and internal links may still be missing. Please inform me of errors so I can fix them. If these are important to you, they may be found at my May 4, 2022 archived website or an earlier archived copy.
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What's new at this website?

The Museum of Unworkable Devices. Perpetual motion machines
as physics puzzles.
Intelligent Design Creationism. Fraudulent Science, Bad Philosophy.
Myths and Mysteries of Science. Removing the mystery.
Cutting Edge Science. Profundity or parody?
Illustrated Lectures on these subjects.
Uncle Don's Notebook. | Bob Schadewald's Corner.
Physics and Astronomy. | Physics Abused. | Physics Puzzles.
History and Philosophy of Science.
Skepticism, pseudoscience, urban Legends.
Humor, satire, parody, mostly about science.
Hoaxes. | The Ed-Biz. | Quotes. | Illusions and 3-D photography.
Articles written for print publication.
Web Search Engines and Web Resources.

Who's responsible?

We can't claim to fully understand what science is until we know what it is not. The science/pseudoscience interface can help us understand both the strengths and the self-imposed constraints of science. Science is a self-correcting process, continually weeding out errors of thought and errors of methodology, thereby narrowing the region where truth may reside. While science claims no absolute truths, it has accumulated a larger body of reliable and testable understanding of nature than any other method of human inquiry.

The human imagination is a wonderful thing. Unfortunately, we have the ability to imagine many things that just aren't so. The universe has no obligation to behave as we'd like, or even to be understandable to our minds.

Here's logos and links to a few of the web sites that have recognized my site as worthy for some reason or another. Since they have shown such good judgment and fine taste, you might wish to look at their sites. Unfortunately this site has outlasted some of these.

HMS Beagle Web Pick Planet Science Site of the Day Rated by Schoolzone's panel of expert teachers Top 95% of the web Top 13 skeptical web sites This site is frames-free

Here's what they are saying about us:

  • Thank you for a wonderful site. I spend a lot of time combing it, and I have gained much from it. Between your site, and those of Victor Stenger, Quackwatch, the Millennium project and others like it the internet starts to achieve some of its truth potential.
  • An unbelievable assortment of original documents on diverse subjects.
  • An eclectic debunkorie.
  • At [your site] I find fascinating and very useful information. I hope you never take this site down... I will be studying it at length. It's wonderful.
  • Get ready for an educational and informational journey!
  • What a resource!
  • A comprehensive, quality collection of links as well as Dr. Simanek's own collected opinions. Topics include physics, history of science, pseudoscience, hoaxes, writing, education, skepticism, humor, and quotes.
  • Dr. Simanek...has put together enough science and pseudo-science material on his Web pages to occupy the average geek for a good month.
  • Wow, what a well-compiled treasure trove. Thank you!
  • Want a site that will make you think? Get ready for an educational and informational journey!
  • Thanks for keeping your website.

Input and suggestions are welcome. In an effort to foil spammers who mine web pages for addresses, I show my email address only as a graphic. When responding to anything on these web pages, please specify the specific document by subject, name or filename.

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