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Feng Suey.

by Ken Amis.

Feng Shui is a revered and sacred ancient oriental art and science that deals with how the arrangement of physical things in our environment can be made to harmonize with the geometry of the universe so that our vital energy fields are kept in sympathetic oscillation with cosmic forces. It can tell you how your house should be aligned with the cosmos, and how the furniture should be arranged to produce an environment conducive to your spiritual and physical health and well-being.

But some parts of this ancient science have not yet caught up with modern technology. What is the biological basis of the inner harmonies of our bodies? What about the machinery that clutters our environment at home and at work? How do the principles of Feng Shui apply to the relation of our bodies to our enviroment?


Most DNA is right handed.

DNA is a molecule with right handed helicity. If you grasp such a helix with your right hand, your fingers curl around it. If you trace a coil of the helix as it goes around in the direction of your fingers, the coil advances toward your thumb. This is a handy way to determine whether a helix is right or left handed. [1]

So our bodies are "tuned" to right handedness at the molecular level. It is likely no coincidence that more people are right handed than left handed. Can it be that some of the diffulties left-handed people experience in life may be due to this dissonance with their DNA?

Our Environment.

Two kinds of springs.

How many people realize that something so mundane as a spring might influence our lives? Springs can be left- or right-handed, and the two are distinctly different. You can't rotate or invert one and get the other. But a left-handed spring seen in a mirror appears right-handed, and versa visa. This only reminds us of the mystical nature of mirrors in the cosmic scheme of things.

Commercial springs used in machinery come in left- or right-handed types, but most of them are left-handed. Over 90%. What does living amongst these springs do to our etheric energy fields? Does this screw up our qi energy, that vital undetectable fluid that flows along our bodily meridians, a process so vital to our health and well-being?

And what effect does this have on the efficiency and reliability of those machines so dependent on the often-overlooked small springs that are essential to their operation? Machine screws and wood screws are right-handed screws, but the small springs in machinery are predominantly left-handed. Is this harmony?

Even toys can threaten our health.

Even the so-called experts in Feng Shui are silent on this environmental threat to our inner bodily harmony. And, of course, conventional allopathic medicine ignores this completely! We are surrounded by left-handed springs. Even the springs in the retraction mechanisms of ball-point pens are left-handed. And what about toys? The Slinky™ spring toys are all left-handed, as are the Slinky Dog™ toys. We are being negatively conditioned in a pervasively hostile Feng Shui environment from early childhood.

Are your mattress springs right for you?

But I draw your attention to an even more serious potential threat. Your bed. Of course it's important that your bed be properly aligned with the earth's rotation if you want a good night's sleep. It can even affect your sex life. But what about the springs in your inner-spring mattress. Have you looked at them lately? Do you ask about them when shopping for a mattress, to be sure the springs are suited to your bodily harmony?

Studies have shown that 2/3 of adults wake up with aching backs. Has anyone studied the relation of morning backache to the helicity of the bedsprings they sleep on? Have any studies looked at whether such backaches are more prevalent in right-handed, or left-handed people? Why not?

Back pain.

Screws are important to orthopedic surgery. It seems most adults now have at least one artificial shoulder, knee or hip joint. These surgical implants are secured to your bones with screws. Right-handed screws. It doesn't matter whether you are right-handed or left-handed, whether it's a right or left joint, you get right-handed screws. No one gives you a choice. How might these alter your inner psychic harmony? The next time your surgeon suggests such an operation, ask him whether right-handed or left-handed screws will be used. He may think you are screwy, but it's your body and your health and you have a right to know. Again I ask, have any double-blind studies been done to determine whether right-handed or left-handed screws affect the failure rate of such operations? None that I've been able to find. And doctors call themselves scientists!

Even the coil springs in your automobile's suspension system include both right- and left-handed springs. Lug bolts and nuts on your auto's wheels are often of both types. Does your body deserve less?

QI meridians.

Some people are right-handed, some left-handed. Some are right-brained, some left-brained. Some even have their hearts on the other side of their bodies. But do the alternative-medicine gurus ever consider this in their treatments? Does your acupuncturist ask you about these things before needling you? What if your qi meridians are reversed? He might stick the needles in the wrong places. Would that matter?

Right-handed Rotini pasta.

Don't overlook the food you consume. Consider Rotini style pasta. Most brands have right-handed helicity. Most candy canes have left-handed stripes. Some people are more sensitive to imaginary influences than others, so always consider, when you eat something, whether it is a good match for your inner helicity.

Modern 3d movies use circularly polarized light to separate the images that reaches your eyes. Circularly polarized light's electric vector traverses a helical path in space. The 3d glasses you wear select left-circularly polarized light for one eye, and right-circularly polarized light for the other. Since half our visual field goes to one half of our brain, and the other half visual field to the other half of the brain, this has the potential for cognitive dissonance. This may be why some people find viewing such movies gives them headaches. Or it could be the plots. Circularly polarized light is sometimes called "screwy light". The light reaching your brain ought to match your inner screwiness.

Researchers need to spring into action to study these matters. Our Institute of Holistic Pseudoscientific Medicine is seeking funding for just such studies. If you value your health and the importance of being in tune with the cosmos, give, and give generously to this worthy cause.


[1] Many websites illustate DNA incorrectly. See: The Left Handed DNA Hall of Fame.

© 2012 by Ken Amis and Donald E. Simanek. Permission for reproduction and use of this entire document is granted for educational non-profit purposes only.

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