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You can't make up anything anymore. The world itself is a satire. All you're doing is recording it. —Art Buchwald
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Are you tired of searching for humor on the web? Are you fed up with these annoyances of web-surfing?
  • Annoying pop-ups and banner ads.
  • Broken links.
  • Online charges.
  • Misprints in the punchlines.
  • Frying your eyes from staring at the computer screen.
A graphic realization of a surd. 
How many surds can you find in the picture? Help is at hand! Here's a handy-dandy collection of droll science humor, satire, and parody all wrapped in a compact and convenient package requiring no windows, icons, menus or prompts (which are for WIMPs). It's called a BOOK (Bound Orderly Omnibus of Knowledge) . You can easily take it anywhere you go, since it requires no batteries. Perfect for leisurly browsing while sitting by a warm fire in in an overstuffed chair. Much less likely to give you carpal tunnel syndrome than that computer keyboard, and the only worms which can infest it are bookworms.

What is it? It's titled Science Askew, because all the science in it is a bit off-kilter. This diverse collection of science humor was written and compiled by Donald E. Simanek and John C. Holden during odd moments (and even ones, too) stolen during their many years working as actual scientists. The publisher has finally unleashed it on the unsuspecting public and it is now availble in fine bookstores worldwide.

Science Askew is a very funny book, especially funny to mathematicians and physicists. Open it anywhere and you'll find some belly laughs not only in the text but also in the clever cartoons by John Holden. All of the classic jokes are here, as well as a thousand more you haven't heard before.
    — Martin Gardner, mathemagician.
Simanek and Holden have cleverly disguised this book as an anthology of humor, while inserting gems of scientific wisdom and philosophy among the jibes. I think that science teachers can discover here subtle ways of teaching facts and principles, and improving the flavor and aroma of otherwise dull rules and discoveries. Knowledge, however lubricated or polished, is a commodity we should pursue. It need not be boring; proof of that assertion is found in "Science Askew."
    — James Randi, investigator of paranormal claims.
Every page is a delightful spoof. I expect to refer to it frequently.
    — James A. Van Allen, space physicist.
The humour is old-fashoned, innocent fun... puns, stories, jokes and quotes that the authors have brought together after a lifetime in science to show that it is not always a serious business. If harmless humour makes you laugh, then you'll love this book... There are plenty of delightful cartoons [by John Holden].
    — Matin Durani, Physics World
Don't hesitate, don't wait, don't procrastinate. Buy a copy now! It costs a fraction of the price of a typical science textbook, and is far more entertaining.

We used to suggest you buy the book from the publisher. That's no longer the best option. Our publisher, IoP, was aquired by Taylor and Francis. They raised the price of the book. So search the web for a lower price. I notice that has a better price. We didn't do this book to get rich, so it's fine with us if you find a used copy at an even better price.

Those of you who have purchased the book may be interested in this Science Askew Companion web page that has notes, commentary and errata. It is free, and has no ads or pop-ups.

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